Carpet Roles UK's first port of call on any vacancy that we recruit for is always our Candidate Database, it works really well and matches our Clients vacancies to our Candidates details really quickly. We can then, via our state of the art Recruitment Software match, email, SMS, even a good old fashioned Telephone Call them in minutes and have their formatted (and where you indicate confidentiality is a key) and securely redacted winging its way to our clients In-Box.

So, its a Great idea to be inside that process! "You have to be in it, to win it", "Seize the Day", "Once more unto the Breach Dear Friends" and all that jazz!

Upload Your CV here today* and we will be in touch to complete your Registration very soon.

*A Quick Tip, The little "Job Preference Box" has enough room for you to "Go Beyond Your CV" and tell us about what you really want from us as a Recruiter:

  • Job type,
  • location,
  • Salary,
  • Aspirations etc

 The better we know you and what you want, the better we can help you in your search.

"Spoiler Alert: Too Many Candidates have a "One CV Fits All Jobs" approach.... The Smart ones adapt their Work History and Skills to highlight the elements that make them a "Great Fit" for specific types of Job. So, get the Kettle on, Read the Advert that attracts you and engineer that CV, The document with which you are selling yourself to a prospective new employer, to give yourself the very best opportunity at securing the role of your dreams. Its worth a Cuppa and a Think!" Justin Kelly, Managing Consultant, Carpet Roles UK.